Brands We Support

While there are many brands to choose from in any number of areas in the PC/Tech world, here are some of the brands that we proudly support as long time users/consumers of their products.

SpyderTech PC would like to note that any listed brands are NOT a paid advertisement or sponsor. All statements below are the express opinions of SpyderTech PC and our experience with these brands. These brands are that which have proven themselves over time to us and that we will likely recommend to you if a particular part or device needs replaced.

AMD and Ryzen by AMD

AMD has been the only real competition against Intel Processors for a long time until fairly recently. While Intel does have a couple advantages, AMD has truly created something great with their RYZEN CPUs and the technology in them. They are typically much more cost friendly, while at the same time they tend to meet or beat most Intel CPUs in many areas. They also tend to be much more power friendly meaning a reduced cost on your electric bill. Also, AMD APUs (Accelerated Processing Unit), which are more common in Laptops, tend to be more power friendly and the graphic performance is generally unmatched for Integrated Graphics.


ASUS and ROG by ASUS, have for a long time, been making it their goal to provide not only an excellent product to their customers, but also a very reliable product. Their motherboards typically seem to be very well thought out, and in our case, have proven their long term reliability time and time again. ASUS has also developed a pretty solid line of Laptops and home PCs. Their home Routers are also very well designed and feature loaded, not only providing great features and high levels of home network security, but their AIMesh feature is also a great way to expand your home network coverage while still making use of an older model so your money doesn't end up in a recycling bin.


While there are a wide variety of very good and well designed cases on the market, to us, CoolerMaster has tried to be consistent with their DIY PC cases. They tend to be well constructed, easy to build in and well thought out for cable management.


Logitech has been a long time provider of consumer PC accessories. Keyboards, mice, webcams, PC speakers, etc... They have made great efforts in their level of ergonomics, performance and reliability. Having had Logitech products that are over a decade old and still work great, speaks very highly to us. They also have a very solid line of products available for PC Gamers.


Samsung has been in the consumer electronics space for as long as most of us can remember. When it comes to PCs, they have more than proven themselves when it comes to SSD hard drives. As a chip provider, their drives have shown us an excellent level of performance within the drive specifications. Also, as a provider of a very high quality of home TVs, they also have some great options for PC monitors as well.

Western Digital

WD, and SanDisk by WD, have been making PC hard drives for a very long time. In our experience, the drives not only tend to perform quite well, but they also seem to have a generally low failure rate for their mechanical drives. Their SanDisk line of USB drives have also, to us, showed their level of long term reliability to be exceptional.